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Nucleus Hospital and Research Center
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Nucleus Hospital and Research Center
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Nucleus Hospital and Research Center
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WIth A Personal Touch

Nucleus Hospital and Research Center
Monitoring The pulse Of Your Happiness

WIth A Personal Touch

Nucleus Hospital and Research Center
Monitoring The pulse Of Your Happiness

Critical Care

We are one of the largest emergency care departments with many years of experience in this field, treating thousands of patients each year.

OPD Hours

We welcome visitors to our hospital and realise the importance of these visits to the well-being of our patients.

  • Monday - Friday
    8.30 - 19.30
  • Saturday
    9.30 - 17.30
  • Sunday
    9.30 - 17.00


Full time consultants specialized in Diabetes care and metabolic disorder management like dyslipidemia, thyroid diseases, obesity etc.

Our Services

Cardio Monitoring

Cardiac monitoring generally refers to continuous or intermittent monitoring of heart activity

Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation provides a wide range of physical and occupational therapy services for adults as well as children

Medical Health Care

Healthcare is the maintenance of health via the prevention, diagnosis & treatment of disease human beings

Background Checks

Hospitalists must be prepared to effectively deal with background checks throughout their professional careers.

Special Doctor

Nucleus Hospital provides separate experience specialize doctor's for each diseases for good health.

24 Hours Service

Nucleus Hospital is known for providing advanced emergency services with rapid response for any kind of treatment.

Why Choose Us


Great Infrastructure

Nucleus Hospital a private organization with many medical centres, pharmacies and trading centres functioning under it.

Qualified Doctors

Each doctor's profile has high degree and well trained in good organization and good medical experience.

Emergency Support

24 hours patient transport vehicle available. Patients are transported from home to hospital and patients referred by emergency duty doctor to empanelled hospital for specialized case.

Clinic Rooms
Happy Patients

What our patients said

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    I was here in the hospital. During my stay here, I never felt I was in the hospital and on the contrary I felt that I was at my own home. Under the able treatment of Doctor and very smiling services of everyone I recovered very soon.

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    Thank you all for all the good treatment for my mother. The doctors, nurses, staff etc. at Inlaks are very efficient, polite and excellent in all respects. Really, no suggestion to make. All was fine.

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    Though we were strangers to this town, they made us feel like home with their services and smiles.The room is clean, the staff hospitality is great and the top administration power is excellent. Thank you!