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Intensive Care Medicine is a relatively new specialty worldwide and now Department of Critical Care plays a vital role in all modern hospitals. Our department of Critical Care offers sophisticated and compassionate health care to critically ill patients with a professional approach. It has 28 beds in its two Intensive Care units treating over 1500 patients per year. Our performance in patient care is comparable with international standards in terms of survival, nosocomial infections and patient satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Units have separate cubicle for each patient providing maximum patient comfort and privacy. We allow one relative per patient inside of ICUs at all times who can accompany the patient and monitor patient care.

we started this department in 2017 with an idea to develop a world class ICU setup and has treated more than 15000 critically ill patients. A team of expert intensivists work round the clock to provide best possible care to the critically ill patients. At least 2 dedicated intensive care consultants are present per shift (including night shifts) with a team of 3-4 ICU registrars. ICUs have 2:1 patient: nurse ratio with the more serious patients receiving the attention of a dedicated nurse. A dedicated pharmacist, ICU coordinator and adequate supportive staff are working for these ICUs. We have a Medical Emergency Team attending to emergency calls from all sections of the hospital 24 hours a day with a minimal response time.

Equipment and Instruments

We have latest multipara monitors for invasive and non-invasive monitoring with a central monitor. All the beds are fully equipped with latest monitors, ventilator support, syringe pumps for minute monitoring of small quantity of drugs etc.

The Patients

These ICUs are capable of treating patients with complex medical problems like septicemia, multi-organ failure (renal failure, respiratory failure, cardiac failure etc.), various types of poisoning, high-risk/complicated surgical patients, road traffic accidents, post renal and liver transplant patients, diabetic complications etc.