• Obstetrics


The Department of Obstetrics at Nucleus Hospital has always had a mission which is to provide quality healthcare to women. The department offers modem and effective antenatal care to ensure a favorable pregnancy outcome, while supporting the woman's medical, social and psychological needs.

The care is family oriented and encourages the participation of the husband and other family members. The department considers both scientific and human factors to ensure a successful and gratifying experience and make birth a celebration of life and love.

Specialty Clinics:

  1. Antenatal care of normal as well as high risk pregnancies
  2. Pre-pregnancy counseling
  3. Post-natal care
  4. Delivery and child care facility offers excellent care to both mother and child in a caring and relaxed environment during child birth.
  5. 24 hour emergency services, supported by specialist doctors and efficient nursing staff.
  6. The labour and delivery department has well equipped rooms, pre natal rooms for observation and state of the art dedicated operation theatre for Emergency Caesarean section.
  7. There are facilities for painless delivery such as epidural analgesia, entonox and other supportive measures.
  8. Qualified paediatricians attend to babies at birth and during their stay in the hospital.